Thursday, 24 July 2014

K. Sifat: Warna


Qāra hitam
Āchiq kök biru
Jigar rang perang
Kul rang kelabu
Yaşil hijau
Zargaldoq rangli jingga
Töq qızıl unggu
Qızıl merah
Āq putih
Sarıq kuning

Few of these words are shared with Persian. For e.g the word qızıl (red) is also a Persian word in Central Asia. Another word for red is qırmızı. So, we study Chagatai Turk together with Persian. It was also the mother tongue of the Mughal dynasty in Northern India before they shifted to Persian since it was the language of nobility.

In later period, the Mughal noblemen speak in Hindustani. The Hindustani language evolved into Ördu which is the official language of today's Pakistan and North Indian Muslims. It is a North Indian dialect with Indian grammar but infused with Persian, Oriental Turk and Arabic words. It means the speech of the knights : )

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